Are you



for your CHILD?

Online is an option,

But not a complete solution.

Are you ready to take


of your child’s education?

A must try for parents and home tutors

We all must have realised that online schooling for 2 – 6 year’s children is not very successful without parents involvement. To help parents and home tutors, iSSSCHOOL has come up with a complete 1 year program to continue pre-schooling from home. This is very simple – you just need 1 year academic KIT, Mobile App with lesson videos and interactive games for KIDs. We have further simplified by making day wise worksheet based books, so that anyone can teach at home.

Our Complete SOLUTION

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I can spend 30 mins a day with my child

  • Buy one year Preschool KIT
  • Get FREE Learning APP
  • FREE Parent’s Training Program
  • Model Demo Class

I am BUSY and don’t have time DAILY

  • Appoint a Home tutor
  • iSSSCHOOL will guide Tutor
  • Buy one year Preschool KIT
  • Get FREE Learning APP
  • FREE Tutor’s Training Program